Peter Anthony and, Roseblood: A Friday the 13th Fan Film; *WITH SPOILERS*

December 20th, 2021

Peter Anthony joins me to talk about the latest Friday the 13th Fan Film, Roseblood! We do a deep dive into his passion project and peel back the curtain to the unofficial bridge between Friday the 13th parts 7 &9!

This film has it all. Return cameos from franchise legends such as Lar Park Lincoln,  Kevin Spirtas, and Terry Keiser!  You get amazing acting range from 16 year old Sanae Loutsis, in the new character of Rose, and a stellar performace by Jessica Hottman in her on screen debut as a young Tina. My personal favorite is the spot on job done by actor Jequient Broaden as the young and cocky Creighton Duke.  Amazing character development and awesomely cool kills makes Roseblood a movie with unlimited re-watch ability.


Sit back and strap in for this deep dive into the Friday the 13th fandom, and go check out Roseblood and many more projects to come at Peter Anthony Productions, over on Youtube.


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