Jessica Hottman: Roseblood A Friday the 13th Fan Film

April 26th, 2022

After a month off, I sit down with Jessica Hottman, from Roseblood: A Friday the 13th Fan Film, to discuss a wide range of topics. From Music to Movies, learn how this Nebraska Native got her start in the entertainment industry.



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Mark Acheson: A Brand New Cherry Flavor, of My Little Pony

February 24th, 2022

You've Seen this month's guest in everything from My Little Pony, to the new Netflix smash hit, Brand New Cherry Flavor. He's our first cross-over guest, he's horror, he's sci-fi, he's pop culture, he's Mark Acheson! In this episode, you'll hear about his experiences working with Richard Dean Anderson on MacGuyver, and Stargate. Hilarious stories from his time on Elf and Watchmen, as well as what it was like becoming a cartoon baddy in My Little Pony. We also do a deep dive into his role of Pierre on Brand New Cherry Flavor. sit back and enjoy this very special episode.



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2021 Horror Review with Randal and Billy: Evil Derailed Tonight

January 25th, 2022

That's right, Grawlix's own Randal Silvey is back, and he is joined by 1/3 of the Major World Order, Billy Peck, and we dive into some of the hit horror titles of last year. We talk about 6 of the 1,406 horror movies to come out in 2021. hear our thoughts on films such as, Candyman, Malignant, Spiral, Psycho Goreman, Army of the Dead, and of course, Halloween Kills. Listen to our honorable mentions and see what movies we are most excited for in 2022!


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Thank You One and All!!!!

December 26th, 2021

Thank You all very much for making Moose's 13 Horrorfying Days of Christmas Part 2 a Huge success! To all my guests, listeners, Electronic Media Collective and especially Billy Peck, I offer a huge heartfelt thank you, none of this would be possible without out you.

If you know of an independent work or creator, or someone in the horror genre that you think should be highlighted on next year's part 3, send me a message over on Twitter and lets make it happen !


please support the following campaigns to fund the projects talked about in the 13 horrorfying days of Christmas. and until next time..... Mash On!!


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Dee Wallace: ”there’s mothers, and then there’s mutha’s”

December 25th, 2021

Day 13 brings the season 3 premiere om Moose's Monster Mash, and a true horror Icon, the lovely Dee Wallace!  We talk about her coming from the midwest to movie screens everywhere, as well as a fun look behind the scenes of The Hills Have Eyes.  Hear about her carreer as a typecast "mom", the meaning behind E.T., her thoughts on the state of the world, and her thoughts about me and my favorite animated movie. I hope you enjoy the episode and order her new book below.








Meowy Red Christmas: With Steve Rudzinski

December 24th, 2021

Filmmaker Steve Rudzinski sits down to talk about his love for horror and Christmas. Put them together and you get the instant classic Red Christmas. A story of a woman who has a killer Christmas, and wants everyone to know her name.  We take a look at Steve's other works, including the Meowy Chronicles and CarousHELL 1&2.  Hope you enjoy this laid back look at horror, Christmas, and filmmaking!


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From Meathook Massacre, here‘s Bubba! Robert Lankford

December 23rd, 2021

Robert "JZUN" Lankford sits down to talk about metal and meathook massacres.  We talk about his time on the music scene opening for bands like Afro Man, Call back to his time working on Amanda Peck's Family Covenant (Amanda did a deep dive with me last year, episode link below).  And of course, we chat about becoming an indy horror icon with Bubba from Dustin Ferguson's Meathook Massacre. Enjoy!


Family Covenant Episode:


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Michael Leavy: Tales from Terrifier

December 22nd, 2021

Will the Exterminator from Terrifier, Michael Leavy joins me to talk about his role in the movie and work on the upcoming Terrifier 2.  Hear about how him and his brother started the clown craze that gripped the nation, as the Statten Island Clown.  We talk movies, we talk producing, we talk about the ongoing Indiegogo campaigns (link below) and we take a look at his upcoming star studded horror flick Stream! give us a listen and support the film below!

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Christopher Durand: becoming Michael Meyers

December 21st, 2021

Christopher Durand, joins me on the 9th horror-fying day of Chistmas to talk about becoming Michael Meyers, for Halloween: H2O. We talk in depth about his killer acting and stunt career. From Encino Man to Scream 2, Chris has had quite the range of roles. Hear about his favorite role, his most insane stunt and more!


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Peter Anthony and, Roseblood: A Friday the 13th Fan Film; *WITH SPOILERS*

December 20th, 2021

Peter Anthony joins me to talk about the latest Friday the 13th Fan Film, Roseblood! We do a deep dive into his passion project and peel back the curtain to the unofficial bridge between Friday the 13th parts 7 &9!

This film has it all. Return cameos from franchise legends such as Lar Park Lincoln,  Kevin Spirtas, and Terry Keiser!  You get amazing acting range from 16 year old Sanae Loutsis, in the new character of Rose, and a stellar performace by Jessica Hottman in her on screen debut as a young Tina. My personal favorite is the spot on job done by actor Jequient Broaden as the young and cocky Creighton Duke.  Amazing character development and awesomely cool kills makes Roseblood a movie with unlimited re-watch ability.


Sit back and strap in for this deep dive into the Friday the 13th fandom, and go check out Roseblood and many more projects to come at Peter Anthony Productions, over on Youtube.


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