Moose’s Friday the 13th Special

August 12th, 2021

Hello Campers it's that time to stay out of the woods and away from the lake. That's right it's Friday the 13th!!! Back for his 3rd erm I mean 4th time, I'm joined by Billy Peck and we stroll through the franchise that put a killer in a hockey mask. We cover everything from the lawsuit, and the videogame, to fan films and of course all 12 movies. sit back, enjoy the episode and let's enjoy this Friday the 13th.


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(Never Hike Alone)

(never Hike Alone in the Snow)

(Friday the 13th Vengeance)





From The Blob, Society, Tremors and more: Nick J. Benson

July 25th, 2021

Producer, Director, SPFX designer Nick Benson joins me for this all new episode of Moose's Monster Mash. We talk about how he got started in f/x and get some interesting stories from behind the scenes of the movies you've come to know and love.



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Ashlynn Yennie: Talks Human Centipede and Antidote

June 25th, 2021

I'm joined by Ashlynn Yennie from the Human Centipede 1 & 2 and the recently released thriller Antidote, to talk about her career and  go in depth into her popular roles.  Hear how she got her start and how she grabbed control of her own destiny...and as always, Mash On!!




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A Century of Chaney, with Ron Chaney

May 25th, 2021

Ron Chaney joins me for an all new Legacy episode! We get to tackle the impact that Lon Sr. and Jr. have made on, not just the horror industry but the film industry as a whole. Like the title suggests it's been a century of Chaney influence in the industry. Enjoy this Monstrously new episode. 


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The *Art* Behind Terrifier w/ David Howard Thornton

April 21st, 2021

Hello Boils and Ghouls, I sit down with Art the Clown himself, Mr. David Howard Thornton. We talk about his rise from a young Alabama boy with a dream of theater to becoming a modern horror icon.  Sit down strap in and enjoy this trip through his career as we talk Terrifier, and get some behind the scenes peeks at Terrifier 2. Be sure to check him out on Cameo and until next time, Mash On!!



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Red Clover/ Leprechaun’s Revenge with Kevin Mangold

March 25th, 2021

It's March, so it was time to sit down with a Leprechaun, so I did. I was joined by Kevin Mangold from the 2012 movie Red Clover, alternately titled Leprechaun's Revenge. We talk about his career as a stuntman and actor including his roles in Seabiscuit, Brightburn, American Horror Story and many more. We also get a brief look into the long lost movie of David Allen, The Primevals. Sit back and enjoy this fun and insightful interview, and as always, mash on!



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CJ. Graham Lives: Kickin’ it With Jason

February 25th, 2021

we are joined by the freshly ressurected star of Friday the 13th Part VI, Jason himself, Mr. CJ. Graham!! Come with us on his fascinating journey from night club manager to horror icon. Strap in for a short but fun ride.


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A Horror Themed Ted Talk: In-Depth with Ted Nicolaou

January 25th, 2021

For the first episode of 2021, we're joined by horror legend Ted Nicolaou Director of Subspecies and many other Full Moon classics. We dive into his family ties in the business and what it's like working for Full Moon.  We also get a good behind the scenes look at the head of Full Moon, Mr Charles Band, as well as an update on Subspecies 5!!!! Enjoy!


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Day 13: Christmas with the Krampus! ( Sit down with Luke Hawker)

December 25th, 2020

It's the 13th and final day of my 13 Horror-fying days of Christmas, that means it's time for the Monster Mash Season 2 Premiere! Who better to kick off season 2 and end the 13 days of Christmas, than Krampus himself, Mr. Luke Hawker!!!! we chat about his love of horror, his time on Lord of the Rings, Working at Weta Workshop, and of course we talk about his time as the Anti-Claus Krampus.  So sit back enjoy day 13, I hope you have enjoyed Moose's 13 Horror-fying days of Christmas, and be sure to come back next month for an all new episode of Moose's Monster Mash!!!!


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Day 12: Family Covenant with Amanda Peck

December 24th, 2020

The 12th Horror-fying day of Christmas is all about Family. Family Covenant that is, I'm joined by Amanda Peck from Red Casket Productions and we talk about her Horror Film Family Covenant, available to stream on Amazon Prime. We also chat about the ins and outs of being a local creator and filmmaker.  So sit back enjoy day 12, and be sure to come back tomorrow for more of Moose's 13 Horror-fying days of Christmas!!!!


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